You could be a proud home owner within 45-60 days if you qualify. When you fill out the 'Qualify Me' form, you will also receive a FREE Credit Report.

"Our family now lives in a nice 3 bedroom home in Glenwood, Iowa and our monthly house payments are only $550 per month."

"We live in a 2 bedroom 1½ story home in Glenwood, Iowa with a detached garage and my monthly house payments are $490 including property taxes and homeowners insurance."

"I make $9.00 per hour and my wife works part time making $7.00 per hour and we qualified for a house up to $170,000"

"My husband and I together make $39,000 a year and we are qualified to purchase a home up to 174,500 and the monthly payments would be $734"

You'de might be suprised who qualifies
A 4 person family making less than $55,900 in Mills county qualifies...
Do You?

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